Trump: We Will Expose the Crimes of the Castro Regime | NTK Network Trump: We Will Expose the Crimes of the Castro Regime

Trump: We Will Expose the Crimes of the Castro Regime

President Trump promised to stand up to communist oppression around the world.

By NTK Staff | 06.16.2017 @3:07pm

President Trump, at an event rolling back Obama-era policies regarding Cuba on Friday, promised to “expose the crimes of the Castro regime.”

Speaking to a crowd in Little Havana in Miami, the president said that his administration would stand up to oppression.

“Last year, I promised to be a voice against repression in our region – remember tremendous oppression – and a voice for the Cuban people,” Trump said.

“You exercised the right you have to vote. You went out, and you voted, and here I am, like I promised,” he continued to applause.

Trump pledged that “America will expose the crimes of the Castro regime.”

The president emphasized the need to protect freedom and human rights in the Western Hemisphere, listing out the crimes of the Castro regime:

TRUMP: “The Cuban people have suffered under communist domination. To this day, Cube is ruled by the same people who killed tens of thousands of their own citizens who thought to spread their repressive and failed ideology throughout our hemisphere and once tried to host enemy nuclear weapons 90 miles from our shores. The Castro regime has shipped arms to North Korea and fueled chaos in Venezuela. While imprisoning innocents, it has harbored cop-killers, hijackers, and terrorists. It has supported human trafficking, forced labor, and exploitation all around the world.”

Trump promised to hold the communist regime accountable for its actions.

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