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Trump’s Base in Michigan Still Supports the President

Events across Michigan are taking place to send a clear message to President Trump from his supporters, “we’ve got your back.”

By NTK Staff | 08.11.2017 @10:33am
Trump’s Base in Michigan Still Supports the President

Trump supporters in Michigan are still as “passionate and optimistic as they were on election night last fall,” according to The Detroit News’ Nolan Finley. The supporters also blamed any administration failures on the “unyielding criticism of Trump from the media.”

“Where others see a White House in chaos, the Trump base sees a president fighting through historic resistance from Democrats, relentless attacks by the media and the despicable disloyalty of congressional Republicans and still getting things done,” Finley wrote.

The reporter attended a Michigan ‘Republicans for Trump’ rally at Dave & Amy’s Diner in White Lake, MI, and found that Trump supporters are as passionate as ever.

“If they were disappointed that Trump hasn’t been able to deliver on repeal and replacement of Obamacare and other promises he made during the campaign, there was no sign of it,” Finley wrote about the group of 80-100 people that attended the event.

The Trump supporter in White Lake that night found the “unyielding criticism of Trump from the media and the elites has only confirmed their view of the president as a fighter at war with the corrupt Washington establishment.”

Trump’s base still supporting him isn’t all that surprising, even given the amount of criticism Trump has received from the media.

The most surprising part of Finley’s reporting might very well be this line:

“At most Republican rallies, the antagonists are liberals. Not so in White Lake. The Democratic Party was hardly mentioned. The new boogeyman is the media, and the base has enlisted in Trump’s war with the press.

“It seems to be a one-sided story all the time,” says Tim Rugg, a firefighter from Highland Township. “With President Trump, they’re continually beating, pounding. It’s just seems like they’re working for someone to try to undo what we wanted for America.”

Rosanne Ponkowski, the president of the Michigan Conservative Coalition, told Finley that events like the one he attended are being held throughout the state “to make sure Donald Trump hears this message: ‘We’ve got your back.'”

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