Trump's Campaign Raised a Whopping $24.8M in 24 Hours | NTK Network Trump’s Campaign Raised a Whopping $24.8M in 24 Hours

Trump’s Campaign Raised a Whopping $24.8M in 24 Hours

The president’s reelection campaign said that in the 24 hours surrounding his official launch, donors added nearly $25 million to his campaign coffers.

By NTK Staff | 06.20.2019 @10:30am
Trump’s Campaign Raised a Whopping $24.8M in 24 Hours

President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign just received a massive infusion of cash this week, according to the New York Times.

Trump’s campaign announced it raised $24.8 million in the 24 hours surrounding his campaign reelection launch. Trump hosted a massive rally in Orlando Tuesday night that included an off-site carnival-like event for those who couldn’t enter the Amway Center. Attendees began arriving 40 hours before the event and camped out overnight in the rain to ensure they made it inside.

Per the Times, Trump’s one-day total was “more than any Democratic presidential candidate raised in the entire first quarter of 2019.”

Trump’s 2020 fundraising prowess is likely sending shivers up Democrats’ spines. While the president continues raising money hand over fist, two dozen Democrat rivals are duking it out on a debate stage next week and competing with one another for precious campaign cash.

Mr. Trump had already raised nearly $100 million for his re-election effort by the end of March, and had more than $40 million still on hand at that time. His campaign has spent millions of dollars on online advertising on platforms like Facebook and Google to find potential small donors, an investment that appeared to pay off handsomely on Tuesday.

Some of the $24.8 million went to a joint fundraising committee with the RNC, a spokesman told the Times. Here’s a further breakdown of how the money came in:

All told, $6 million was raised online, with an average contribution of $44; $8 million came from the phone-bank operation run jointly by the campaign and the R.N.C.; and $10.8 million came from larger donors to the R.N.C., a party official said.

Mr. Trump also attended a fund-raiser on Wednesday at his resort in Doral, Fla., that was expected to raise about $4 million, according to a person briefed on the numbers.

The FEC’s second quarter fundraising deadline is June 30, and campaigns will be forced to share their Q2 fundraising hauls no later than July 15. Political pundits and observers will get a better sense of how Trump’s competition is stacking up when those reporters roll in a few weeks from now.

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