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Trump’s Favorite Impersonator Open to Returning to SNL

The show tossed Hammond off the show in favor of Alec Baldwin, whose poor impression has irked the president.

By NTK Staff | 03.09.2018 @3:34pm
Trump’s Favorite Impersonator Open to Returning to SNL

Former Trump impersonator Darrell Hammond told The Washington Post that he would resume his impression of the president on Saturday Night Live if asked by producer Lorne Michaels to return.

In an interview with the Post, Hammond said that he wanted to move on from the role, which took an emotional toll when it was stolen and given to Baldwin. But the comedian did indicate that he still desired to portray President Trump:

But he’s asked what he would have said if Michaels, strolling by one day, stopped and suggested he throw on the wig again.

“I would have said yes,” says Hammond.

The impression was one of Hammond’s best, and the comedian also successfully played Bill Clinton and Sean Connery.

After Saturday Night Live tossed him in favor of Baldwin, Hammond spiraled into a state where he couldn’t escape “the embarrassment” of losing the part:

He and Paulina Combow, his girlfriend, tried to stay in New York. But the embarrassment of losing Trump felt overwhelming. They watched “Game of Thrones” on election night. His doctors prescribed him a beta blocker to calm his nerves and a second drug, Antabuse, to keep him from drinking. He stopped doing Trump in his stand-up sets. But the president-elect was impossible to avoid.

But the successful comedian still has one major fan.

Earlier this month, Trump tweeted his support for Hammond, slamming Baldwin’s impression as “agony” and clamoring for a replacement. “Bring back Darrell Hammond, funnier and a far greater talent!” he wrote.

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