Trump's New Campaign Manager Got Under Hillary Clinton's Skin Just Yesterday | NTK Network Trump’s New Campaign Manager Got Under Hillary Clinton’s Skin Just Yesterday

Trump’s New Campaign Manager Got Under Hillary Clinton’s Skin Just Yesterday

Brad Parscale will reportedly become Trump's re-election campaign manager and previously served as Trump's digital director in 2016.

By NTK Staff | 02.27.2018 @11:28am
Trump’s New Campaign Manager Got Under Hillary Clinton’s Skin Just Yesterday

According to the influential conservative news aggregator, the Drudge Report, President Donald Trump seek reelection in 2020 and Brad Parscale will serve as his campaign manager.

Parscale previously served as Trump’s digital director during Trump’s successful 2016 presidential campaign.

Reporting that Parscale will be Trump’s campaign manager in 2020 comes less than a day after a tweet by Parscale regarding Trump’s 2016 campaign strategy generated a response from a clearly still bitter Hillary Clinton.

Parscale tweeted a link to a Wired story last Friday that highlighted how the Trump campaign effectively used Facebook during the 2016 election.

According to the Wired article:

“But no matter how you look at them, Russia’s Facebook ads were almost certainly less consequential than the Trump campaign’s mastery of two critical parts of the Facebook advertising infrastructure: The ads auction, and a benign-sounding but actually Orwellian product called Custom Audiences (and its diabolical little brother, Lookalike Audiences). Both of which sound incredibly dull, until you realize that the fate of our 242-year-old experiment in democracy once depended on them, and surely will again.”

Wired’s editor in chief, Nicholas Thompson, responded to Parscale’s tweet by asking: “One thing I’ve long wanted to find, but haven’t, is exactly the difference in Facebook ad CPMs paid by the Trump campaign versus the Hillary campaign. If anyone knows, DMs are open.”

Parscale responded to Thompson question on Twitter:

Eventually, a tweet by Kim-Mai Cutler, who is a contributor at TechCrunch, caught the attention of Hillary Clinton, who took to Twitter on Monday to express outrage at Parscale’s claim:

Facebook executive Andrew Bosworth took to Twitter to respond to Clinton’s claim and pointed out why it was inaccurate.

Bosworth tweeted the following thread, on Monday:

If reports are true that Parscale will be Trump’s 2020 campaign manager, then it appears he’s already off to a good start getting under the skin of Democrats.

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