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Trump’s Top Moments of 2017

What a first year with President Trump. Here are his finest moments from 2017, that liberal media may not show you.

By NTK Staff | 12.25.2017 @8:00am
Trump’s Top Moments of 2017

President Trump has given the American people a wild and headline-filled first year. While most mainstream media have spent the year criticizing the president, they have ignored powerful moments where Trump has transformed the nation.

Here are some of the best.

Tribute to a widow: Trump delivered a joint address to Congress in February, and during the speech he paid tribute to the widow of slain Navy SEAL William Owens. The president offered an emotional moment that united a divided government in applause for one soldier’s sacrifice.

“Texas can handle anything:” When Hurricane Harvey ravaged Texas in late August and early September, Trump quickly made his way down to the state to show that his administration had victims’ back. The president stood on the back of a pickup truck to tell Texans that they “can handle anything.”

Standing against Castro: When Trump rolled back President Obama’s appeasement policy towards the communist government in Cuba in June, Trump brought out a violin player to perform the Star-Spangled Banner. The violin player, whose father was murdered by the Castro regime and was forced to play for Castro’s soldiers, delivered a haunting rendition of the U.S. national anthem.

Taking it to Rocket Man: The United Nations experienced one of Trump’s finest speeches in September, where he slammed rogue regimes for the threats they pose to international peace. The president specifically zeroed in on Kim Jong-Un and North Korea, warning “Rocket Man” that his pursuit of nuclear missiles was a “suicide mission.”

Recognizing Jerusalem: Delivering on a promise that other presidents wouldn’t, Trump finally announced that the United States would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. He also ordered his State Department to begin the process of moving their embassy in Israel to the city, finally enacting a 1995 law.

Striking Syria: In perhaps the finest moment of his year, Trump ordered the U.S. military to strike a Syrian airbase, from which Bashar al-Assad’s regime launched a chemical attack. The president made clear that his administration would stand for human rights across the world and enforce red lines. “God bless America and the entire world,” he told the country in the somber moment.

Giving Americans a raise: In the last month of the year, congressional Republicans passed historic tax reform and cuts. Trump joined with GOP leaders at the White House to celebrate one of the biggest legislative accomplishments of the decade. The bill’s passage put an exclamation point on Trump’s year.

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