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Trump’s Trade Policies are Winning

Countries are begging the administration to grant them exceptions from Trump's tariffs, according to The New York Times.

By NTK Staff | 03.26.2018 @5:30pm
Trump’s Trade Policies are Winning

According to a Monday report from The New York Times, President Trump’s America First trade policies are forcing U.S. trade partners to renegotiate formerly favorable trade conditions, a win for the United States.

“[T]he United States and South Korea reached an agreement to renegotiate their trade pact, with Seoul agreeing to reduce its steel exports and open its market to American cars in exchange for an exemption from Mr. Trump’s global tariffs on steel and aluminum,” the Times’ Alan Rappeport and Prashant Rao wrote.

Trump has repeatedly savaged U.S. trade relations with South Korea, calling the deal “horrible” in April 2017.

In response to a worldwide trade bias against American products, Trump announced global tariffs on steel and aluminum.

With many experts warning of a coming trade war, the president’s approach appears to have been proven right, the Times wrote. “[The deal] also seemed to confirm Mr. Trump’s “America First” approach to trade, in which he has sought to extract concessions in return for exemptions and revisions to the blanket steel and aluminum tariffs announced by the White House this month,” Rappeport and Rao reported.

In addition to South Korea, China has also reportedly been seeking relief from Trump’s tariffs. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has set the bar high, demanding the Chinese open up their markets to American businesses.

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