Trump's Weekly Address is All About Jobs, Jobs, Jobs | NTK Network Trump’s Weekly Address is All About Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Trump’s Weekly Address is All About Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

President Trump delivered his weekly fireside chat Friday, touting great jobs numbers, new college graduates, and economic growth.

By NTK Staff | 05.12.2017 @4:33pm

President Trump highlighted rapid market growth and high job creation in his weekly address on Friday, emphasizing that new college graduates will enter a a strengthening economy.

“Confidence in the American economy has reached levels not seen in many, many years. Unemployment fell to its lowest level in nearly 10 years and we created 211,000 new jobs,” Trump began.

Trump said that he is excited to join upcoming commencement ceremonies at Liberty University and the Coast Guard Academy.

The president not only touted college graduates as critical to economic growth, but mentioned the importance of blue-collar workers seeking “technical and vocational” educations. “Lots of those people voted for me,” he added.

Regulations and other burdens have hampered business and job growth, Trump asserted, and his administration is taking steps to end the stifling environment.

“On trade, we have also taken historic action to protect American industry and bring back the kinds of high-paying jobs that can support a middle-class family,” Trump said, hitting on one of his main campaign themes.

Trump concluded with a message of optimism: “The brightest days are ahead of you.

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