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Two Dozen Countries Expel Russian Diplomats

The United States leads the world in the number of Russians tossed out after a Russian chemical attack in the United Kingdom.

By NTK Staff | 03.27.2018 @11:35am

After the United States and the United Kingdom expelled dozens of Russian diplomats, dozens of their allies followed their lead, tossing suspected Russian spies out of their countries.

Here’s the list, per MSNBC:

United States: 60 expelled

United Kingdom: 23

Ukraine: 13

Canada: 4

France: 4

Germany: 4

Poland: 4

Lithuania: 3

Czech Republic: 3

Italy: 2

Netherlands: 2

Denmark: 2

Albania: 2

Norway: 1

Sweden: 1

Latvia: 1

Estonia: 1

Finland: 1

Romania: 1

Croatia: 1

Hungary: 1

Ireland: 1

MSNBC’s Peter Alexander warned that the United States and its allies are expecting retaliation from the Russian Federation. As he pointed out, it was the largest expulsion of Russian diplomats in American history.

NOTE: New Zealand apparently wanted to throw out Russian spies, but could not find any, according to The Guardian.

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