Underreported: The Shutdown Deal Cut 3 ObamaCare Taxes | NTK Network Underreported: The Shutdown Deal Cut 3 ObamaCare Taxes

Underreported: The Shutdown Deal Cut 3 ObamaCare Taxes

The Associated Press pointed it out on Thursday: amid the shutdown drama, some forgot that the deal to re-open government also delayed three unpopular Obamacare taxes.

By NTK Staff | 01.25.2018 @10:00am
Underreported: The Shutdown Deal Cut 3 ObamaCare Taxes

Three taxes totaling $32 billion over 10 years.

That’s what the latest deal to re-open government put on hold, according to an Associated Press (AP) report on Thursday.

AP pointed out that the delay of unpopular Obamacare taxes has gone underreported, given all the drama around the three-day shutdown and its end on Monday.

But the deal also dealt a blow, even if temporary, to taxes on consumers, medical device companies, and health insurance companies, originally enacted under the Affordable Care Act.

The bill enacted late Monday suspended three taxes that came in under President Barack Obama’s signature health care law: a tax on medical devices, one on high-cost health care plans offered by employers, and another on health insurance companies.

The Republicans were relieved when enough Democrats flipped and supported the spending bill so that the government could reopen. And, they were gleeful at the chipping away of the health care law by delaying or suspending the three taxes.

The delay of the three Obamacare taxes comes on top of the blow the GOP tax bill dealt Obamacare, by repealing the penalties the law had charged individuals for not obtaining health insurance (in other words, the individual mandate).

House Republicans had launched efforts to delay four Obamacare taxes, including the three above, in December 2017. With the continuing resolution (CR) passed this week, they achieved that goal.

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