UPDATE: Democrat Ossoff Still Doesn't Live in GA-06 | NTK Network UPDATE: Democrat Ossoff Still Doesn’t Live in GA-06

UPDATE: Democrat Ossoff Still Doesn’t Live in GA-06

The Democratic candidate, who has been nailed on the issue before, has not moved to the district he's running in, four days before the election.

By NTK Staff | 06.16.2017 @1:15pm

MSNBC pressed GA-06 Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff on this residency in an interview on Friday.

“Why wouldn’t you just move so you could represent the district you’d be governing?” MSNBC’s Stephanie Rhule asked Ossoff.

Ossoff only offered his usual talking points on the issue, using his fiancée’s education as an excuse.

“As you know, Stephanie, I grew up in the district and Alicia walks to work at the hospital at 4:00 AM every morning for her medical school shifts,” Ossoff said. “I’m proud to be supporting her career, even if I take a little bit of political heat for it.”

Host Ali Velshi asked Ossoff if he would move if he won, to which he seemed to imply he might but with the requisite wiggle room.

“As soon as Alicia has finished her medical training, I’ll be right back up in the district,” he said.

Ossoff had gotten slammed on the issue prior to the primary in April.

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