Why WaPo's 'Russia Dossier' Story is Good News for Trump | NTK Network Why WaPo’s ‘Russia Dossier’ Story is Good News for Trump

Why WaPo’s ‘Russia Dossier’ Story is Good News for Trump

The Washington Post profiled "Source D" from the now-infamous Russia dossier; it turns out Source D has a history of embellishment and talking "s---."

By NTK Staff | 03.30.2017 @9:00am
Why WaPo’s ‘Russia Dossier’ Story is Good News for Trump

In January, BuzzFeed News broke D.C. when it published an explosive dossier, compiled by a former British intelligence officer, that made salacious claims about Donald Trump’s travels to Russia and his relationship with the Kremlin.

On Wednesday, The Washington Post published a profile on one of the key sources for that dossier – “Source D” – who made claims of “perverted” conduct by Trump in Moscow. The report’s author called Source D a source close to Trump.

The profile, however, and what it reveals about Source D is good news for Trump. Here’s why.


Associates of “Source D,” a Belarusan-American businessman named Sergei Millian, said he’s a “big-talking schmoozer” and “self-promoter”:

Some of those who know Millian described him as more of a big-talking schmoozer than a globe-trotting interlocutor. They say he’s a self-promoter with a knack for getting himself on television — like the time he appeared on a 2013 episode of the Bravo reality show “Million Dollar Listing,” where he attempted to broker a sale with a Russian-speaking client who agreed to pay $7 million in cash for a luxury New York unit.

Others called him “an opportunist,” who “presented himself with grandeur,” and one who “talks so much s—.”


Acquanitances of Millian also told the Post he’s “too small of a fish to deal with Russian people.”

As for Trump, the Post‘s research indicates “the only evidence that Millian ever met Trump” is a photo of the two from years ago. This would hardly make him “a close associate of TRUMP,” as the dossier alleges.

Now, “Source D” was just one of several in the explosive dossier. American investigations into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election are ongoing, with the Senate Intelligence Committee set to have its first public hearing on the matter on Thursday.

However, the Post‘s profile casts serious doubt on the reliability of at least one source in the dossier that shook up Washington.

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