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Warren Backtracks on Previous Support for Reparations

Instead, the Massachusetts senator and 2020 Democrat is just wanting to have “a conversation” about the topic.

By NTK Staff | 03.08.2019 @2:24pm
Warren Backtracks on Previous Support for Reparations

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) made headlines last month when she came out in support of reparations for black Americans impacted by slavery. She actually wasn’t the first Democratic presidential nominee to publicly back the policy, that honor goes to California’s Kamala Harris (though some have questioned whether her support actually constitutes reparations). But these candidates’ support has prompted questions for many other major candidates, including Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who largely avoided answering the question last week.

During a lengthy back-and-forth with CNN reporter MJ Lee on Friday, Warren appeared to backtrack on her previous pledge to support reparations. Instead, it appears Warren supports having “a conversation” about reparations more than she does actually handing over cash to affected individuals and families.

“So, what I have said and will say again is I think it’s time for us to have the conversation,” Warren said when first asked about reparations by Lee. “We need to address the fact that in this country, we built great fortunes and wealth on the backs of slaves and we need to address that head-on, we need to have that national conversation.”

When pressed about giving money to those impacted by slavery, Warren demurred again.

“Those are the conversations we will have,” she said before launching into a lengthier explanation.

Lee followed up yet again, “But, right now, on the money issue, you are not saying that you support it?”

“I’m saying that there are a lot of scholars and a lot of activists who have put multiple proposals on the table. But we’re never going to get to any of those proposals [without] an acknowledgement of the wrong of slavery and the obligation to address it.”

Warren essentially undercut her previously stated support for reparations, instead arguing that Americans must simply have a conversation about the topic. In her interview with Lee, she was entirely unwilling to advance the topic beyond having “a conversation,” which raises doubts about her support for the issue altogether.

Below is the transcript that Lee tweeted:

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