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Warren Flip-Flops on Supreme Court Nominees

Just last month, the Massachusetts senator said that Democrats should not hold up a nomination for the Supreme Court. She changed her mind when Anthony Kennedy retired.

By NTK Staff | 06.27.2018 @4:20pm

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) turned about face on the issue of Supreme Court nominations on Wednesday, following the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Warren tweeted that the Senate should follow the “Mitch McConnell rule,” referencing the Senate majority leader’s insistence that the Senate not confirm a Supreme Court nominee in a presidential election year.

“Let the American people have a say when women’s health and equal rights are on the line,” she wrote.

But the senator struck a different tone almost exactly one month ago, when she told the Pod Save America crew that she would not hold up any nomination. Warren told the former Obama staffers that she would hold a hearing for even a Gorsuch-type nominee:

So the question is who you put up because that’s how I see it. I don’t see it as starting out saying I don’t care who you put up, I’m holding the seat. That was what Mitch McConnell did. He said you send me anybody — if it comes from Barack Obama there’s a two letter answer and the answer’s no. I think that’s wrong, but I do think you send a Neil Gorsuch to us and the answer is no. We do hearings, we do it substantively, the answer would be no.

Warren’s indicated that she’s preparing to help Senate Democrats block the president’s nominee and reverse her position. With an angry primary Democratic electorate, the possible 2020 candidate may have to appease the base.

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