Warren: Trump's 'Pocahontas' Insult is 'Racist' | NTK Network Warren: Trump’s ‘Pocahontas’ Insult is ‘Racist’

Warren: Trump’s ‘Pocahontas’ Insult is ‘Racist’

Questions about the Democrat's claimed Native American heritage have persisted throughout her career.

By NTK Staff | 04.22.2018 @10:33am

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) called President Trump’s use of the ‘Pocahontas’ moniker “racist” on Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show on Sunday.

“Do you see any kind of racial dog whistling in [Trump’s use of ‘Pocahontas’]?” Sharpton asked.

“Oh, yeah!” Warren responded. “He’s been told over and over and over by tribal leaders, ‘Cut out this out. Stop this. This is racist because it’s a racist intent.'”

The senator claimed the president is trying to divide Americans.

Warren then recounted the family stories she uses to justify her claims of Native American heritage.

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