Washington Post: Democrats ‘Divided on How to Win’ | NTK Network Washington Post: Democrats ‘Divided on How to Win’

Washington Post: Democrats ‘Divided on How to Win’

Meanwhile, the party is uniting behind the most liberal policies in its history. Do Democrats risk becoming completely out of touch?

By NTK Staff | 04.02.2018 @12:00pm
Washington Post: Democrats ‘Divided on How to Win’

A new Washington Post report confirms that Democrats are more liberal than ever before, backing far-left policies that the party didn’t dare touch during its two most recent Democrat presidencies.

But Democrats also seem aware that these liberal positions put them far outside the mainstream in American politics and are trying to figure out ways to repackage their unpopular positions.

The party taking shape will challenge the GOP with a distinct populist tilt, marking a departure from the centrist views that had dominated during the era of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. This year’s candidates have largely endorsed universal health care, a $15 minimum wage, easing the financial burden for college students and tougher gun control.

But there is sharp disagreement as more than 1,100 candidates have filed, with disputes over tactics — how to criticize Trump or how best to talk about issues — and sparring over who should be the standard-bearers, either first-time hopefuls or experienced politicians.

Democrats are energized, eager to make in-roads in the Republican majorities in the House and Senate, and according to the Washington Post, they have no interest in backing middle-of-the-road candidates who aren’t committed to aggressively going after Republicans.

“[E]nergized liberals are making clear that they are not going to keep quiet and happily back a centrist, soft-edged candidate,” the Post wrote about a congressional race in Indiana.

Will Democrats trade candidates who can win for policy purists? With primary season heating up, the party is about to find out, and the results could determine who controls Congress next year.

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