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WATCH: Chris Wallace Pays Tribute to Dying Charles Krauthammer

"I want you to know I love you," he said to the renowned conservative commentator who announced on Friday that he's suffering from terminal cancer and has only weeks to live.

By NTK Staff | 06.08.2018 @1:40pm

Charles Krauthammer, the renowned and legendary conservative columnist at The Washington Post, announced in a letter to readers on Friday that he only has weeks to live.

Fox News, where Krauthammer appeared regularly for years, read the letter on air, which thanked his readers and colleagues for their years of dedication.

The network then brought on anchor Chris Wallace to describe the commitment Krauthammer showed to life, the truth, and vigorous debate.

“[The letter] is such quintessential Charles Krauthammer,” he said. “It is so graceful. It is so honest. It is so brave.”

Wallace described the difficulties Krauthammer faced with his disability, which was born out of a terrible accident at 22 years-old. “So many of us would have crawled into a ball or been filled with self-pity. I never, in all the years I knew Charles, ever heard him express any sense of pity,” he said.

“He was very badly disabled, no use of his legs, almost no use of his hands, and yet, he lived a full life,” Wallace said. “He led a life of passion and great consequence.”

The Fox anchor listed Krauthammer’s many career achievements following the accident.

“You couldn’t read or listen to a Charles’ commentary and not learn from it,” he added. “Charles’ camp was his honesty, his values, his conviction.”

“I want you to know that I love you,” Wallace said to Krauthammer, saying he was “honored” to work with him.

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