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What to Expect From Tuesday’s Texas Primaries

It’s primary day in Texas, the first such contest of the 2018 midterms. Will we see signs of the “blue wave?” Here’s what to watch for.

By NTK Staff | 03.06.2018 @12:30pm
What to Expect From Tuesday’s Texas Primaries

Texas hosts the first primary contests of the 2018 midterms Tuesday, and Democrats are eager to learn if they will see the first signs of an alleged “blue wave” that they hope will sweep the country this fall.

Democrats are running in big numbers in the Lone Star State – a fact that is complicating some races, which have upwards of seven Democrats running against one another.

Another positive sign for Democrats: big turn out during early voting. Democrats nearly doubled their early voter turnout from 2014, the last midterm election.

But as the Associated Press noted, that may not translate to actual wins.

Democratic early voting across Texas’ 15 most-populous counties, the only figures available, more than doubled that of the last non-presidential cycle in 2014, while the number of Republican early ballots cast increased only slightly. Total Democratic early votes exceeded Republican ones roughly 465,000 to 420,000, though those figures combined accounted for less than 9 percent of the state’s total registered voters.

A record six Texas Republicans and two Democrats are leaving Congress, meaning the state will be losing clout on key House committees. But none of those open seats are expected to flip. They’ve drawn so many hopefuls from each party, that most primary races won’t have anyone winning a majority of Tuesday’s votes, meaning runoff elections May 22 will determine who will be on November’s general election ballot.

The Hill’s top 5 things to watch Tuesday night includes Democrat turnout, DCCC meddling hurting one Houston Democrat, crowded GOP primaries, minority candidates, and a Bush legacy in the balance.

Politico’s list was similar: Democrat turnout, watching Houston and Dallas suburbs, DCCC meddling, “the personality primaries,” and again, the candidate challenging George P. Bush for Land Commissioner.

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