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What’s Next for Democrats? Apparently, More “Resistance”

In the wake of the Democratic Party's massive failure in Georgia's 6th Congressional District on Tuesday night, the Democrats have no new strategy to convince American voters to give them a chance.

By NTK Staff | 06.21.2017 @8:27am
What’s Next for Democrats? Apparently, More “Resistance”

National Democrats experienced a massive setback on Tuesday night as their candidate in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District, Jon Ossoff, fell to Republican Karen Handel in a high-stakes race.

Following $30 million spent to pull Ossoff over the finish line, countless protests against the GOP agenda, and a tumultuous first six months of President Trump’s administration, the Democrats’ short-term plans appear to follow the same strategy that made them 0 for 4 in special elections.

Nothing better represents the Democrats’ lack of thought evolution than reports that Ossoff supporters yelled, “not my congresswoman!” after Handel’s victory.

The “not my president!” refrain filled the air and splashed over signs at anti-Trump rallies following the president’s electoral victory in November.

On a national scale, Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez and Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) have embarked on what the Democratic Party has dubbed “Resistance Summer.”

Perez and Ellsion, joined by other prominent Democrats, will hold rallies and events across the United States with base Democratic voters in diverse geographic areas.

The Democrats have promoted the resistance, meant to galvanize resistance to a president the Democrats have described as a “dictator” and “authoritarian,” with fancy graphics, emoji check marks, and videos featuring Ellison pumping his arms for Democrats:

And as the national Democratic party traverses the nation trying to turnout their base over summer vacation, liberal activists are organizing yet another nationwide anti-Trump protest.

The Impeachment March claims to have dozens of sister marches in cities across the United States, and its attendees will call for Trump’s impeachment on July 2.

Weekly protests marked D.C. and major cities following Trump’s inauguration, but liberal activists appear to have failed in their efforts to affect the GOP’s governing majority.

As electoral success continues to elude Democrats across the country, their commitment to large anti-Trump protests and “resistance” show that the president’s silent majority still holds the line.

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