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Where Has the Anti-Kavanaugh Resistance Gone?

Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination was supposed to be "the mother of all Supreme Court battles" but it’s turned into something of a cakewalk

By NTK Staff | 08.12.2018 @12:26pm

Democrats and progressives groups promised to fight Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court at every turn, but a month out from the confirmation hearing, that resistance has all but vanished.

While appearing on CNN’s “Inside Politics,” on Sunday, Politico’s Eliana Johnson highlighted how Democratic resistance to Kavanaugh has stalled in recent weeks, pointing out how they haven’t been able to find anything controversial in Kavanaugh’s past.

“I’m looking ahead to see whether this nomination will meet with any real resistance from Democrats,” Johnson said.

Johnson noted how there was hardly any controversial emails in the first release dating from Kavanaugh’s time in President George W. Bush’s administration.

“The fact they scheduled a hearing tells you the Republicans are at least confident,” CNN’s John King said.

The New York Times also highlighted how the resistance to the nomination had fizzled out.

The New York Times reported how the “confirmation fight over Judge Kavanaugh was once billed as the mother of all Supreme Court battles, a fight to the death with the court’s ideological balance on the line.”

But the Times added, “across the country this August, energizing and sustaining on-the-ground opposition to a nominee whom most Republicans and some moderate Democrats have deemed well qualified has been difficult.”

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