Where Was Democrats' Outrage When John Kerry Met with Duterte? | NTK Network Where Was Democrats’ Outrage When John Kerry Met with Duterte?

Where Was Democrats’ Outrage When John Kerry Met with Duterte?

Democrats are livid that President Trump said he would meet with the controversial Philippines president, but were silent when John Kerry met with him just a year ago.

By NTK Staff | 05.01.2017 @5:19pm
Where Was Democrats’ Outrage When John Kerry Met with Duterte?

Leaders in the Democratic Party are outraged that President Trump extended an invitation to Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte over the weekend, but the same people didn’t seem to have a problem when former Secretary of State John Kerry met with Duterte last year.

Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) said in a statement about Trump’s invitation:

“President Trump weakens American values when he fails to stand up for human rights…President Duterte has overseen the illegal killing of thousands of his own people in the Philippines. By welcoming Duterte to meet with him in the White House, Trump risks giving Duterte’s actions — and his brutal human rights violations — an American stamp of approval.”

Bloomberg News is reporting that “Trump’s invitation to Duterte was denounced by human rights advocates and Democratic lawmakers for overlooking the abuses.”

However, there was hardly any outrage from Democrats when Kerry met with Duterte in July 2016.

The Philippine Star reported on Kerry’s meeting:

Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella said Kerry’s meeting with Duterte over lunch was “interesting” as the two officials shared light moments.

“First it was a courtesy call, it was a very interesting meeting because they share common interests. They talked about motorcycles and hunting and Mr. Kerry talked about how he had a motorcycle and he had a funny incident regarding that,” Abella shared.

There’s even a picture of Kerry and Duterte from the meeting.

It seems it’s only a problem when Republicans decide to meet with a controversial official, and not when Democrats do the same.

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