Why Minnesota Democrats are Furious at the DCCC | NTK Network Why Minnesota Democrats are Furious at the DCCC

Why Minnesota Democrats are Furious at the DCCC

Just two states have held their primaries for 2018 thus far, and national Democrats have managed to infuriate their base each time. Now the meddling is moving north.

By NTK Staff | 03.26.2018 @11:30am
Why Minnesota Democrats are Furious at the DCCC

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is no stranger to controversy.

Earlier this year, the national Democrat group infuriated liberals by publicly posting opposition research on one of their own candidates in Texas. Sensing too many Democrat candidates in California’s House races, the DCCC announced last week that they were considering backing certain candidates over others in that state’s June primaries.

And now the DCCC’s meddling is moving north to Minnesota. Democrat Angie Craig ran against, and lost, to now-Rep. Jason Lewis in 2016 in Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District. Instead of supporting an environment in which all Democrats are encouraged to run in 2018, the DCCC is backing Craig again.

And that’s not sitting well with other Democrats in the district. High school football coach and Democrat Jeff Erdmann wanted to run for Congress in MN-02, but he says the DCCC quickly shut that effort down. The reason? Money.

“To feel that they need to come in and put their thumb on the scale for the candidate that has all kinds of personal wealth, you know that’s frustrating that they’re trying to taint the system,” Erdmann said.

DCCC officials made it clear money drove their choice to back Craig, he added. “We didn’t talk anything about my background, my success as a teacher, as a coach any of the values that I hold. All they wanted to talk about was where we thought we could get money-wise.”

And the DCCC didn’t’ stop there. In Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District, the group backed wealthy Democrat Dean Phillips to challenge Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-MN). But another Democrat, Adam Jennings, was essentially shut out from running because of the national group.

Jennings said the DCCC’s choice to weigh in early has hurt his ability to raise money. He said potential supporters have denied him campaign contributions because national Democrats have decided to back Phillips.

By insisting on meddling in each of these races, national Democrats risk alienating local Democrats, whom they will rely on to turn out and vote in November. Could this strategy backfire or will Democrats rally around their candidates in the fall? Time will tell.

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