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Why These Democrats are Criticizing EMILY’s List

The pro-abortion group is bigfooting candidates in races across the country, and a few EMILY’s List victims are speaking out.

By NTK Staff | 08.02.2018 @10:00am
Why These Democrats are Criticizing EMILY’s List

For years, liberal group EMILY’s List has had one goal: elect pro-abortion Democrat women. And for years, the group has skated by without much pushback from within the Democratic Party.

But a new story in Mother Jones reveals not everyone on the left is happy with the work that EMILY’s List is doing. The group, as it often does, is playing an active role in Democrat primaries this year. That means it’s spending massive amounts of money not just to promote their preferred candidates but to disparage the other candidates in the race.

Now some of those candidates, feeling trampled on, are speaking out.

In the days leading up to Maine’s June 12 primary, Maine Women Together, a Portland-based political action committee, launched a barrage of Facebook attacks on Adam Cote, a leading candidate running in the Democratic gubernatorial primary. Six ads, almost exclusively aimed at a female audience, called out Cote’s past as a self-identified Republican and lambasted him for a debate appearance in which he referred to his opponent’s gun control stance as “political theatre.”

The ad campaign had cost nearly $200,000 dollars. And Maine Women Together hadn’t raised the money itself: It had been provided by Women Vote!, the independent expenditure arm of EMILY’s List, the national political group that aids pro-choice women candidates. Cote, a pro-choice candidate himself, decried the move as “outrageous” and called the “outside group” spending “unprecedented and exactly what people hate about politics.”

Cote ultimately lost the primary to EMILY’s List’s preferred candidate, Janet Mills. But his story is not unique.

In California’s 45th Congressional District, Democrat David Min attacked fellow Democrat (and eventual primary winner) Katie Porter for taking money from the “Washington insiders” at EMILY’s List.

In Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District, Democrat John Morganelli criticized the group for spending $370,000 against his campaign.

In Kansas’s 3rd Congressional District, where the primary is August 7, Bernie Sanders took a jab at EMILY’s List for spending $400,000 against his preferred candidate, Brent Welder.

EMILY’s List’s power stems from its money and influence in these races. But while Democrats are locked out of the White House and mired in minorities in both the House and Senate, they’re trying to determine where they will go as a party. If groups like EMILY’s List continue to bigfoot fellow Democrats in races across the country, they risk raising the ire of grassroots Democrats who frankly know more about the candidates at the local level than this D.C.-based group ever could.

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