Will 2020 Dems Have to Answer for 43% Premium Hikes in Iowa? | NTK Network Will 2020 Dems Have to Answer for 43% Premium Hikes in Iowa?

Will 2020 Dems Have to Answer for 43% Premium Hikes in Iowa?

Medica announced it will offer Obamacare plans for the entire, first-in-the-nation state on Monday. However, the insurer is requesting 43-percent premium hikes.

By NTK Staff | 06.20.2017 @10:04am
Will 2020 Dems Have to Answer for 43% Premium Hikes in Iowa?

Health insurer Medica will offer Obamacare plans in all 99 of Iowa’s counties in 2018, it announced Monday, but the insurer is requesting premium hikes that average 43 percent.

The news, reported by CNN, may impact the Democratic presidential primary, where candidates may face questions on the impact of Obamacare in Iowa. As of now, Iowa will be the first state in the nation to hold a primary or caucus as Democrats jockey to face Donald Trump in 2020.


Though CNN reported “most Iowans” won’t see a 43-percent premium hike due to Obamacare’s taxpayer-funded subsidies, the request, if approved, will either put burdens on taxpayers or on the customers who do bear the brunt of hikes:

Most Iowans won’t feel the hike because they receive Obamacare subsides that limit their premiums to no more than 10% of their income, no matter how much rates rise. But those who don’t qualify for the subsidies will likely be hit hard and could find coverage unaffordable.


NTK Network previously wrote on a June report from the Iowa Insurance Division outlining how Obamacare failed Iowa. Before Obamacare, Iowa “had a stable insurance market with some of the lowest premium levels in the nation.”

After President Obama signed his health care reform bill into law, premiums rose over the years. The state faced having “zero” carriers in 2018, but Medica’s announcement on Monday changed that.


Though Democrats have spent their fair share of time bashing House and Senate plans to repeal and replace Obamacare, those who take the leap to running for president in two years may have to answer tough questions from Iowans on premium hikes.

If the 2016 campaign is an indicator, some early candidates will spend as much as one full year campaigning in and around Iowa. That leaves a lot of time for questions from customers facing double-digit premium hikes in the Hawkeye State.

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