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William Shatner Shat on Liberal ‘Snowflakes’ in Tweet Storm

Captain Kirk took on liberals on Twitter this weekend.

By NTK Staff | 07.31.2017 @4:34pm
William Shatner Shat on Liberal ‘Snowflakes’ in Tweet Storm

In a weekend tweet storm that forced Salon to question if the actor’s Star Trek legacy was in jeopardy, William Shatner attacked Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) and “snowflakes.”

The actor’s crusade started early last week when he mocked someone who was offended by his use of the word “adorable.”

Then Shatner’s left-wing fans flipped out. But Captain Kirk stood his ground.

He mocked one user for her self-victimization, before she decided to attack the actor:

Then things really picked up over the weekend as he shot back at “snowflakes” filling up his feed:

Shatner also criticized “SJWs” for their political elitism and their constant insistence that they are the ideological heirs to the counterculture of the 1960s.

Liberals were not happy with his outburst, with Salon saying that the actor does not “get a pass” because of his celebrity:

The reality is that most of the same criticisms being hurled against SJWs today are substantively identical to what was being said about their antecedents. Feminists and African-American activists were denounced as wanting superiority instead of equality, college students were accused of being coddled and entitled, conservatives insisted that discrimination no longer really existed, and so on and so on.

Matthew Rosza, the Salon writer, accused Shatner of getting his views from his “Reddit and 4chan counterparts.”

Meanwhile, the liberals at Gizmodo criticized Shatner for not signing a letter from his Star Trek co-stars denouncing President Trump.

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