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Worst Democratic Lies of 2017

PolitiFact rated a number of Democrats' claims as incorrect in 2017. Here are the worst ones.

By NTK Staff | 12.28.2017 @2:00pm
Worst Democratic Lies of 2017

In their mass hysteria following President Trump’s victory in the 2016 election and January inauguration, Democrats have thrown some pretty wild claims at the media. Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and other Democratic leaders have all misled the American people in their efforts to undermine the Trump administration.

However, PolitiFact fact-checkers have caught Democrats’ falsehoods throughout the year.

Nancy Pelosi

“Even with full control of the House, Senate and White House, Republicans have still failed to deliver on their promise of higher wages for working families.” – December 12, 2017. PolitiFact rated this claim “Mostly False,” showing statistics that showed families’ wages increasing under the GOP government.

“Wall Street comes out en masse with its money against House Democrats every election.” – February 1, 2017. PolitiFact labeled this claim “Mostly False.” Election filings showed millions in contributions flowing to Democrats from Wall Street.

Chuck Schumer

“Tillerson won’t divest from Exxon.” – January 27, 2017. PolitiFact gave this claim their worst rating of “Pants on Fire.” Tillerson already divested from his previous employer before Schumer ever made the claim.

“[Trump’s tax plan] is completely focused on the wealthy and the powerful – not the middle class.” – October 8, 2017. PolitiFact rated this claim as purely “False.” The fact-checker cited several provisions in the GOP plan that helped the middle class.

Hillary Clinton

“The best estimate is that 200,000 people in Wisconsin were either denied or chilled in their efforts to vote [in the 2016 presidential election].” – June 9, 2017. PolitiFact acknowledged that one study backed Clinton’s claim, but they argued the study was untrustworthy, rating the claim “Mostly False.” Even if Clinton had won Wisconsin, she still would have lost the election.

Bernie Sanders

“When Trump won, we had the lowest voter turnout in 20 years.” – April 18, 2017. PolitiFact labeled this claim as “False,” pointing out that turnout was higher than in 2016 than 2012, 2000, and 1996.

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